Chemical Pumps

Chemical Pumps

Twin Peaks is a distributor for TXAM Pumps.

We have been stocking a variety of their pumps since April of 2018. We are currently working together to provide a quality product with a competitive price for the producers in the PRB.

  • Pumps: HBT2 AC, HBT2 solar, HBT1 AC, HBT2 solar, AC metering, skid setups
  • Tanks: 135 gal Patriot, 220 gal Patriot, 330 gal Patriot, 220 gal w/ open top containment, 550 gal w/ open top containment, netting for open containments
  • Packing: Teflon/Buna, Teflon/Viton
  • Accessories: Tube fittings, Tube valves, Stainless valves, sight glasses, manifolds, ball checks, steel braided hose, air brake hose, 316SS threaded fittings

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