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You'll find the correct rod pumps and pipe fittings in our complete supply store in Douglas & Wright, WY

Searching for fittings and supplies? Count on either one of our stores with our wide selection of valves and fittings to get you taken care of. From pipe fittings to tools, our stores will cover all of your needs

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Get what you need for your project

Get what you need for your project

You can visit us to find everything you'll need for your pumps, including measured fittings. Stop by to find:


  • Pipe fittings: 150# BMI, 2000#, 3000#, 6000# forged steel, 3000# 316SS fittings, grooved fittings, repair clamps
  • Nipples: standard, XH, sch. 160, XXH nipples, XH 316SS nipples
  • Downhole: Rod pumps, baker style anchors, tubing (2 3/8", 2 7/8", J-55, N-80, L-80), tubing subs, perf subs, sucker rods, pony rods, sinker bars, couplings, and collars
  • Surface: Stuffing boxes, rod rotators, rattigans, Polished rods, polished rod clamps, liners, production tees
  • Trucking: hoses (multipurpose, hydraulic, discharge, and vac), camlocks, and sight glasses.
  • Kimrays: back pressure valve, dump valves, motor valves, level controllers, pilots, and many more
  • Valves: Ball, gate, swing check, piston check, ball check, butterfly, plug, and needle. (threaded and flanged in most of these styles)
  • Weld fittings and flanges: import and domestic from 1"- 12" in stock
  • Supplies and tools: Gauges, pipe wrenches, adjustable wrenches, socket sets, vises, grease, oils, hand cleaner, rags, absorbent pads, wind socks, safety glasses, impact gloves, and hearing protection
  • Chemical: Single head, dual head, quad head, metering, tube fittings, steel braid hose, tube valves, air brake line, Teflon/buna packing, Teflon/viton packing, solar, and AC
  • Other products: Liners, clamps, stuffing boxes, rod rotators, Ratigans, hoses, camlocks, belts, gauges and tubing anchors.




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